Perry's Landing

Marina Information:

If you haven't summited a copy of your registration and insurance please do so immediately!

Fun facts about Lake Erie:

Formed 10,000 -14,000 years ago as glaciers receded

Surface area of 9,930 square miles.

Ranks 12th largest of World's Fresh Water lakes.

241 miles long.

Max Depth = 210 ft.

Max. Width= 57 miles.

Over 100 spieces of fish are found in Lake Erie.

More fish are caught each year for human consumption than the other 4 Great Lakes!


Upcoming Events: 2016 Meet & Greet - Saturday May 7th 3 PM

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One of Erie's most prestigious marinas,
Perry's Landing Marina is located along the western portion of
Presque Isle Bay just off the Bayfront Parkway.
View the best sunsets in Pennsylvania from your boat on the longest pier in Presque Isle Bay.
Bring the family up for a refreshing swim and a meal at the Poolside Cafe.

Marina Slips

Summer Seasonal Office Hours: Mon - Fri 9 AM - 4 PM & Sat/Sun by appt.
Pool Hours: Open daily* 11 AM - 8 PM

*Pool and Restaurant are open Memorial Day thru Labor Day

Operated By: Erie Marina Management, LLC
Tim Omniewski, Marina Manager

(814) 459-5372

One Lawrence Pier on the West Bayfront Parkway
Erie, Pennsylvania 16507

Marina Office
814-455-1313 Phone
814-459-6472 Fax